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Review: Deployed (Mad Dogs #2) by Brenda Cothern

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Book 2 in the Mad Dog series.

Four geological scientists go missing in the Swiss Alp’s when they apparently wander into Arimaspi territory. It is up to the Mad Dogs to retrieve them because the whole situation stinks of the Organization.

However, it’s not Organization Operatives the Mad Dogs encounter but instead the Watcher who is obsessed with the Unit, especially its newest member.

Author Note: This book contains adult m/m sexual situations and is intended for readers of legal age in the country in which they reside.

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Brenda Cothern

Brenda is unlike most authors since she only began writing a few years ago. Her first book Fates, an adult fantasy, was published in 2010. Her love for reading fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary erotic romance has caused her to discard her Bachelor’s degrees in management and marketing in order to write full time. Currently, Brenda has fourteen books published (two of which are free!) She is an Amazon best-selling author for Brothers By Bond and Not For Sale. One of her newest releases, Highest Bidder, is the sequel to Not For Sale and became available August 2013. Her latest release, Sixth, became available January 2014 and is the first in the Mad Dogs, series as well as a best seller on ARE.

Brenda resides in Tampa, FL when not attending conventions and is the Chapter Coordinator for the Tampa Bay O.G.R.E.s, as well as a volunteer with the Tampa Bay Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. She is also an active member in organizing the Florida Leather Fetish Pride weekend and an associate member of the Tampa Leather Club, as well as their event coordinator for Alt Life Bike Fest.

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My Thoughts

Overall Rating

[Read my review of Book #1: Sixth, here]

Novel Breakdown

Characters: 4
The characters' personalities came out more which was great because you got to know them as individuals and not just the "Mad Dogs." Cothern also gave us some history/backstory which was great and allowed me to want to know about the members of the unit.

Plot: 4
I love shifters, and this time, Cothern expanded on their natures, backgrounds and introduced some more of their abilities as well.

Flow: 4
Unlike the first book, the second one flowed nicely and keeping up with the storyline, characters, etc. was easy.

Believability: 4
Cothern took everything to a new level with this second book. I was still firmly rooted in the world she created for me and I cannot wait to see what other creatures - paranormal or supernatural - she introduces in the next book.

Sexual Tension: 5
The tension was scorching and with the introduction of some kinks (spanking, submission, to name a few), I was hard pressed not to go take a cold shower myself. Man, the scenes this time around were hot enough to start a forest fire and then some.

Romance: 4
Definitely more out in the open and intriguing, especially when someone is reluctant to admit their true feelings. But is not that what makes romance fun? Learning about the other person and becoming a couple? Even the jealousy moments and the small arguments were well done amongst the various couples.

  • M/M
  • Gay werewolves
  • Military
  • Shifters

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