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Review: Sixth by Brenda Cothern

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Brian Hay’s only dream in life was to be part of America’s elite, yet unacknowledged, Delta Force. After years of training to be the best the 75th Ranger Regiment had ever produced, his dream was finally coming true. But what starts out as what he thinks is a Delta hazing op soon turns into much more when Brian not only becomes a Delta Force soldier but a Mad Dog.

This book contains m/m adult sexual situations and is intended for readers of legal age in the country in which they reside. Please store your adult literature responsibly.

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Brenda Cothern

Brenda is unlike most authors since she only began writing a few years ago. Her first book Fates, an adult fantasy, was published in 2010. Her love for reading fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary erotic romance has caused her to discard her Bachelor’s degrees in management and marketing in order to write full time. Currently, Brenda has fourteen books published (two of which are free!) She is an Amazon best-selling author for Brothers By Bond and Not For Sale. One of her newest releases, Highest Bidder, is the sequel to Not For Sale and became available August 2013. Her latest release, Sixth, became available January 2014 and is the first in the Mad Dogs, series as well as a best seller on ARE.

Brenda resides in Tampa, FL when not attending conventions and is the Chapter Coordinator for the Tampa Bay O.G.R.E.s, as well as a volunteer with the Tampa Bay Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. She is also an active member in organizing the Florida Leather Fetish Pride weekend and an associate member of the Tampa Leather Club, as well as their event coordinator for Alt Life Bike Fest.

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My Thoughts

Overall Rating

Novel Breakdown

Characters: 3.5

The characters were a very interesting lot but at the same time I got confused as to who was who. Brian, the main character was easy to tell apart from the others because of his confusion and his way of thinking. And when the group resorted to call each other by the first letter of their last names, I got completely lost in some sections.

Each character was distinct during dialogue sections but in other sections, not as much.

Plot: 4
I liked the idea of the elite of the elite being a pack of werewolves. But then again, I love shifters.

Flow: 3.5
There were a couple of times were I got lost in the scene and had to re-read to figure out where/what the characters were doing. Other than that, there were no continuity breaks that threw me out of the story.

Believability: 4
The interactions between characters read/felt like the way a group of alpha males would deal with each other. Add in the military setting and it felt real and not contrived.

Sexual Tension: 3
I wasn't fanning myself over some of the moments but there were a few that held the tension between certain characters very well.

Romance: 3
The whole "romantic" vibe is a little hard to do when werewolves are trying to create a new one. There were two moments that fell into the romantic category for me and I thought they were well done.


  • M/M
  • Gay werewolves
  • Military
  • Shifters

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